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As part of the student IT Fee students will be provided with print credits. These credits are equivalent to $0.10 for b/w and $0.45 for colour for a total of $91.25 in total print credits that can be used in any combination. For example a student will have enough credits to print 800 b/w and 25 colour copies per year.

If you require any additional print credits over the year they can be purchased  in non-refundable $5 increments from the cash office located in room 2H1 between 9:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Printing Instructions for Loyalist students and staff:

Select  the print icon or file>print on the document you wish to print. (**Note: if printing from Blackboard, please use the printer icon within Blackboard and NOT file>print in the browser menu.)

The default print que is LibraryBlackQue on hv-xeroxps2.  Click print.

A pop-up box will prompt you to login to your print credit account.This is the same login that you used to log into the computer.

Confirm the total cost to be deducted from your print credits ($0.10 per page for black and white prints and $0.45 for colour printing)

In the event that the library printer is out of service, signs will be posted and print jobs will be redirected to the Student Access Lab (SAL.)  Please request your print-outs at the Student Help Desk located in SAL.

Check your work prior to printing to ensure you are not paying for blank pages. (i.e. printing from the internet)  Credits are NOT refundable and will expire at the next allotment date of September of the following year.

If you do not have a printing account: We recommend saving documents to a USB key.  Most of our databases also offer an email feature so articles may be retrieved and printed at home. For library patrons who do not have a print credit account, library staff can provide printing assistance at a cost of $0.10 per page (cash only.)
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